Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nickles Offers an Apology but Few Answers in Fenty Security Scandal

WTOP Radio reports that:

The Attorney General for D.C. has offered an apology for Mayor Adrian Fenty's use of police officers as a security detail during training exercises with his competitive cycling team.

In a letter to D.C. Councilmembers, Peter Nickles wrote the mayor expresses his sincere regret for any traffic laws he and his detail may have violated.

While it is nice to see Mayor Fenty apologize for violating DC law, an apology is not an alternative to providing actual answers to the questions the DC City Council and DC taxpayers have. Fenty and his crew were caught running red lights and riding on roads where bikes are not permitted while being followed by a Metropolitan Police motorcycle escort. Fenty and his crew are accused of using police cars to transport his bikes both in DC and on out-of-state trips.

What laws were violated? What was the cost of these police cars to DC taxpayers? Why won't Fenty reimburse the DC government for frivilous and unnecessary use of police vehicles?

We deserve answers to these questions. These are the questions city council member Phil Mendelson has asked Fenty, and while Mendelson has backed off his probe for the time being, we can expect a city council hearing, and subpoenas if necessary, if answers are not forthcoming.

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