Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Marion Barry: We're talking About Illegal Acts on the Part of the Fenty Administration

Key Fenty officials refused to show up at an all day city-council hearing. The hearing looked at how $86 million dollars in city funds were given to Adrian Fenty's fraternity brother Omar Karim and his company Banneker Ventures without city council oversight. City Council members contend the non-competitive violated city law.

Marion Barry is quoted in the November 6th Washington Times

"We're talking about illegal acts on the part of the Fenty administration," said former mayor and council member Marion Barry, Ward 8 Democrat, invoking the names of former mayors. "Any mayor that believes in transparency would come down here and answer questions. Sharon Pratt Kelly would've come down here. Anthony Williams would've come down here. I would've come down here. Eighty-six million dollars has been hidden from the public. I wonder what they were thinking. That no one would find out?"

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