Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bloggers Needed:Volunteer with Not Fenty

Are you fed up with Mayor Adrian Fenty? Do you want to Fenty kicked out of office on election day? Then we need you to help with the Not Fenty Blog.

The brand new Not Fenty Blog is off to a good start. We've got some traffic to the site and we're starting to pick up a few twitter followers, but we've got a long way to go.

Over the next few weeks you'll see this site continue to grow as we build up our twitter numbers, add a facebook component, and create some great graphics to help promote the site.

But we can't do it without you! Are you interested in becoming a Not Fenty blogger? If you've used blogger before, you know that it's easy. All you need to do is contribute to the site by adding information and news about the 2010 race for mayor and other relevant information. Find an interesting story. Share it with us. It's that simple. If you're ready to become a blogger at Not Fenty simply send an e-mail to and we'll get you set up on the site.

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