Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adrian Fenty Refuses to Meet with Maya Angelou and Dorothy Height!?

Mayor Adrian Fenty made Loose Lips Quotes of 2009 for his illegal eviction of the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. He wasn't recognized for the infamous letter kicking Cora Masters Barry and her colleagues out of the building, but rather for his subsequent refusal to discuss the matter with Maya Angelou and Dorothy Height.

On September 3rd Fenty stated: "I don’t know the details of any scheduling."

Loose Lips writes:

"the signature misstep of Fenty's came when he refused to meet with a pair of high-profile Barry allies—poet Maya Angelou and civil-rights icon Dorothy Height—and then provided the above explanation to WJLA-TV. It was a massive diss that has resounded through black Washington, and one Fenty will hear plenty about on the campaign trail in 2010."